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Judging from the color of the car exhaust, it is judged whether the car has a problem.

First, take a blue smoke

Car body performance: The vehicle's explosive power is reduced, it feels accelerated and the noise becomes louder. The exhaust pipe has blue smoke and is accompanied by the burnt smell of organic oil burning.

The cause of the malfunction: If the exhaust of our car is a large amount of blue smoke, it must be burning oil. When the valve oil seal is aging, or the wear is severe, the sealing effect is deteriorated, which causes the engine to burn the oil and pretend to be a large amount of blue smoke.

Coping style: The blue smoke that usually pops up is accompanied by a very horrible smell. When the vehicle is burning oil, we must check the engine oil regularly, otherwise the oil will be less and less, which will eventually affect the lubrication of the engine, causing the engine to pull the cylinder or even scrap.
 Second, black smoke

Car body performance: The car engine is shaken loudly, the exhaust pipe has an abnormal sound, and the black smoke body is discharged at the same time, and it feels weak when accelerating.

Cause: This situation fully indicates that your car is not fully burned. Generally speaking, the mixing ratio is too rich. At this time, we must first check if there is a problem with the oxygen sensor. If there is no problem with the oxygen sensor, it may be a problem with the injector.

Coping style: Generally, the car that emits black smoke will have a serious carbon deposit in the engine. It is recommended to clean the carbon deposit regularly to avoid idling for a long time. It can pull the high speed from time to time, and it can effectively prevent carbon deposition. If you smoke for a long time and do not deal with it, it will cause insufficient engine power, fuel consumption will increase seriously, and finally the engine will not operate normally.

Third, white smoke

Car body performance: A large amount of white water vapor appeared and accompanied by unstable engine operation. Even if the engine reaches the normal working water temperature, a large amount of water vapor will emerge.

The cause of the failure: Under normal circumstances, it is very likely that the cylinder of the car is stabbed, causing the antifreeze to burn into the cylinder through the cylinder head and generate a large amount of white smoke, which can easily lead to high temperature of the vehicle.

Coping style: Once the exhaust gas from the engine is found to be white smoke, we must immediately go to the nearby repair shop for inspection. Otherwise, you will be pulling the cylinder, and in serious cases, the engine will be scrapped.