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What is the cause of the bad car cylinder gasket?

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What are the causes of cylinder head damage?
    Answer: The main reason why the cylinder head is easy to break the loss is as follows.
    (1) The quality of the cylinder head gasket is not good. If the material used to make the cylinder head gasket is excellent, but there is no correct processing technology, such as hand-cut cylinder head gasket and flange, hemming, etc., the cylinder head gasket often made is not neat, and the wrapping edge is not tight. If the asbestos in the copper is unevenly laid, especially if there is no uniform placement around the combustion chamber, the cylinder head is most likely to be damaged. Therefore, the cylinder head should be used to make the cylinder gasket, ensuring that the flange is neat and has no gap.
    (2) The cylinder head bolts are not tightened or the tightening force of each bolt is uneven, so that the cylinder head pressure is not uniform. Since the cylinder occupant completely fits on the joint surface of the cylinder block and the cylinder head, it is most likely to damage the cylinder head gasket.
    (3) Work for a long time in the case of premature fuel supply time (or ignition time).
    (4) When the cylinder head gasket is often damaged in the same part, it is mostly caused by the deformation of the cylinder head.
    (5) When the gasoline engine uses low-octane gasoline, the ignition timing is not adjusted in time, and “deflagration” often occurs, which damages the cylinder head gasket.
    (6) The compression ratio is too high.
    (7) The gasoline engine accidentally adds diesel oil, and sometimes the cylinder gasket is damaged.
    (8) The cylinder liner step surface is too low, it is easy to suffocate and make the cooling water enter the cylinder. Therefore, when installing the cylinder liner, the stepped surface of the cylinder liner should be required to be higher than the upper plane of the machine body by 0.04 to 0.10 mm, so that the cylinder liner can be pressed into the cylinder block after the cylinder gasket and the cylinder head are installed.
    (9) When the cylinder liner is installed, the cylinder height of each cylinder is inconsistent and often destroys the cylinder head gasket.
    (10) The used cylinder head gasket is cleaned in the oil during the inspection and maintenance process, so that the oil is immersed in the asbestos layer of the cylinder gasket, so that the asbestos and the oil will be squeezed out together when reinstalling. Causes the cylinder head to be damaged.
    (11) Improper use of internal combustion engines, for example, frequent jerking of the throttle, sudden acceleration, etc. can also cause early damage to the cylinder head gasket.
    (12) The cylinder gasket has been used for a long time, and the number of disassembly and assembly is too high, so that the cylinder gasket is insufficiently elastic and cannot seal well. If you continue to use it, it will be destroyed.