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Automotive cylinder head type introduction

One is metal---asbestos cylinder head gasket. This asbestos is sandwiched with metal wire or metal shavings, and is covered with copper or steel. This steel pad has a thickness of 1.2~2mm and has good elasticity and heat resistance. Can be used repeatedly, but the strength is poor, and the thickness and quality are not uniform.

The other is made of solid sheet metal. This type of pad is used on reinforced engines and is used in cars and racing cars. This type of pad is punched out around cylinder bores and water holes and oil holes that need to be sealed. A certain height of the embossing, using the elastic deformation of the ridge to achieve the seal.

In addition, there is also a cylinder head gasket made of asbestos and rubber adhesive on both sides of the skeleton using a steel wire mesh or a perforated steel plate prepared by the center.